6800mAh Batérie, Nabíjačky, púzdra Pre Huawei P30 Power Bank Inteligentné Nabíjanie Telefónu Prípade Batéria Powerbank Prípade Huawei P30 Pro


Štítky: banka napájania, huawei p30 pro, huaawei p30 pro prípade, asometech power bank, iphon 12 pro max, huewei, huawei p9 lite nepremokavé, mobil, za 20e, lg powerbank prípade.

    €17.00 €28.33
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Názov Značky: ASOMETECH
  • Funkcia 10: slim power bank prípade huawei p30
  • Kapacita batérie: 5000-6999mAh
  • Funkcia 9: power bank prípade huawei p30 pro
  • Funkcia: Výkon Prípade
  • Funkcia 1: batéria prípade huawei P30
  • Funkcia 5: powerbank prípade huawei p30
  • Certifikácia: CE
  • Funkcia 7: nabíjačka prípade huawei p30
  • Materiál: ABS
  • Kompatibilné Značky: Huawei
  • Funkcia 2: batéria prípade huawei p30 pro
  • Funkcia 3: Power Bank Pre Huawei
  • Funkcia 8: nabíjanie prípade huawei p30
  • Funkcia 6: výkon prípade huawei p30
  • Funkcia 4: powerbank pre huawei p30

"It is perfect! Charger weight is 138g. It adds 10mm thickness to the phone. Camera views are not obstructed by the battery case. To estimate battery capacity, I have first discharged powerbank to red LED (25% full), and then measured W*h to charge it to full. The result was 21.23 W*[email protected], which gives 5900mA*[email protected] Provided this was charging from 25% to 100%, full charge should take 28.3W*h or 7900mA*[email protected], which is close to seller's claim."
"The goods went to Moscow 1,5 months, did not track. Check: When charging the phone in 15% and fully charging the case, the phone was charged with a cover up to 80% in 1,5 hours, then turned off. When charging from the cover, the cover itself and the phone are heated."

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